Running Iron Podcast 14

Join Craig, Jim, and “Oil Can” Rathbun as they welcome teacher Judy Larson into the bunkhouse on the historic Figure 8 Ranch for Running Iron Podcast Number 14.  Presently a middle-school teacher on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Judy brings her considerable experience to talk all things education and to provide an insight into the challenges and rewards of a life in public education.  Plus, as a bonus, listeners will learn about Judy’s daughter, who is an accomplished musician presently studying and playing in the castles and fortresses of Europe.

Hosts:  Craig Rullman, Jim Cornelius

Guest:  Judy Larson

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Original Music:  “Once We Moved Like the Wind” written and performed by Jim Cornelius.  “I Ain’t Making This Up,” written and performed by Mike Biggers.