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The Bunkhouse Chronicles: Field Notes from the Figure 8 Ranch

In this eclectic collection of essays author Craig Rullman explores the tangled landscapes of a culture in rapid transition. From our complicated relationship with emerging technologies to the bombing of Nagasaki, from a skydive to honor the life of a Native American Chief to a solo hike for solace in the remote Sierra backcountry, Rullman invites us to examine the truths swept under the American rug, and to question our role in perpetuating the contradictions, humorous conundrums, and retail pathologies of our evolving world. Gritty, vulnerable, often hilarious, Rullman’s writing is born in the borderlands, and draws widely from history to remind us that -- even in an era of widespread uncertainty – poetry still matters, beauty is found where we pause to embrace it, and in the long arc of human experience our questions may outlive the answers.



Praise for The Bunkhouse Chronicles

“Rullman has a distinct voice; as dry as sand and pungent as sage in full bloom. He casts his anchor in the deserts of the Western Outback and travels easily between the barrooms of Nevada and the boardrooms of high rollers and New Age entrepeneurs.  Give this read a chance.  You sure as hell won’t be disappointed.”

            ~Rick Steber, author of Fall Down Angel, Caught in the Crosshairs, and Buy the Chief a Cadillac

“There’s an empty barstool between Mark Twain and Tom Waits. That’s where Rullman sits. He doesn’t try to make sense of the world so much as point out the absurdity of it.”

            ~David Alton Hedges, screenwriter, recipient of the Academy of Motion Pictures Nicholl Fellowship

“Rullman is a true Romantic, in love with the wild, weird wonder of it all.”

            ~Jim Cornelius, author of Warriors of the Wildlands, True Tales of the Frontier Partisans